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"Our goal is every two weeks for injury prevention and wellness/maintenance care." - Scott A. Cater, DC

To visit the doctor when you’re feeling great is something new. Yet, a growing number of people who want to be and do their best are visiting chiropractors on a regular basis in the absence of symptoms. 

The First Symptom

Remember staying home from school when we were sick and returning when we were feeling better? We learned to think of being sick as having obvious symptoms. But these days, many health problems are the result of lifestyle choices that don’t always have obvious symptoms until the effects are well advanced.

Healthy Response

The reverse is true as well. If you eat improperly prepared food and find yourself vomiting to expel it, you probably won’t feel good, but you’re having a healthy response. Turns out that true health is how well our bodies work, not how we feel.

Central Control

How well our body functions is based upon the integrity of our nervous system. That’s why so many seek our practice for wellness care. They want to make sure that every organ and tissue has an uninterrupted nerve supply. It just makes sense to detect little problems before they become serious concerns.


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"Dear friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you." - 3 John 2